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Rules => Here we will have our rules. => Topic started by: Samantha on September 09, 2008, 06:10:50 am

Title: These are our Rules do NOT disobey them , this can leed to a Temp. Or PERM Ban.
Post by: Samantha on September 09, 2008, 06:10:50 am

Rule 1. Do NOT double post (Spam) on ANY topic. Double posting will result in the deletion of your posts.
Rule 2. Allways put your topics on the right board. If you miss place a topic, please report it to Forum Maintinence.
Rule 3. Allways obey Forum Mods and Admins. They know what their doing.


Rule 1. NEVER spam the server.
Rule 2. PK ONLY at EDGE, the Abyss and TzTok-Jad VIA duel ring (rub)
Rule 3. Don't Beg for free stuff (::pickup) from Admins.
Rule 4. Dont Bug staff for Mems or complaints. We WILL get to them.
Rule 5. If you get staff do NOT abuse your powers Eg. Mass kicking, banning for no reason etc.
Rule 6. Treat Staff and Players like family , NO1 is a enemy! and Everyone is EQUAL!

(Staff Admins and Mods , Please post YOUR rules after this please.)

-Samantha, c0rrupt3d and The Moderating Team